About Margarita Activewear

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The Margarita Active Wear line is an amazing, fashionable, and functional brand of athletic wear that has a unique look and feel all of its own. This beautiful and bold line of extraordinary Margarita active wear is hand-made and each garment is skillfully crafted to meet discriminating design specifications.

What is it made of?
Margarita Active Wear clothing is designed and manufactured in Israel from the finest, thick and sturdy DuPont, AA Suplex Fabrics. This unique high performance fabric facilitates the absorption of sweat away from the body, wicking away the moisture for an ever dry fit and feel.

What sizes does it come in?
Margarita clothing has a colorful, unique look and feel designed to fit all body types, shapes, and sizes and fits women’s dress sizes 0 through 22. Margarita daisy pants have a 33 inch inseam, providing a perfect fit for tall women as well. The Margarita work out clothing is sized 1 through 4, with small=1, medium=2, large=3 and XL=size 4. Visit www.msfitusa.com to see a full online catalogue!

What can I do in Margarita Activewear?
Margarita clothing can be worn for almost any activity you can imagine. Margarita active wear clothing has longer-fitting criss-cross tops which are perfect for Yoga, Pilates and working out in the gym, playful skirts which are perfect for tennis or just flirting around shopping. And of course the beautiful and form-fitting long pants and Capri’s in so many designs and colors: you will never be able to own them all! Margarita gym wear is so unique, yet offers a complete and versatile look for every woman.

Lisa Bernstein is a certified personal fitness trainer/instructor who can advise you as to which outfit will suit your needs best.

What’s so special about Margarita Activewear?
Margarita has beautifully matched pieces in long pants, Capri’s, both tight fit and lose fit leg widths, with matching tops, with varying styles including racer back tops, criss-cross tops or cami-tops, for a look and feel all its own. In Margarita active wear you are dressed to workout and sweat or simply to go out and look fabulous.

Who wears Margarita Wear?
Many fitness competitors worldwide wear Margarita active wear including Jen Hendershot, Mrs. Olympia. Margarita is so functional that bodybuilders and fitness competitors wear this unique line of clothing to compete.

Why buy Margarita Wear?
Margarita Active Wear Clothing is so form fitting and breathable, the Margarita clothing fabric is unique and will fit any exercise you can imagine. For working out in the gym, to tennis, running, yoga, Pilates or dance, Margarita is the choice for your activewear.

Where can I find it?
Margarita wear is available online at: www.msfitusa.com. If you live in the Toronto area, you can visit Msfit’s showroom. Lisa Bernstein can assist you in Thornhill at 416 722 2092.  Call today for an appointment.